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72% - 84% of participants reported
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High-quality, unprocessed natural material

HIGH QUALITY IS ALWAYS THE TOP PRIORITY. Best quality raw materials are always the basis of all products of ours. Each production batch must undergo input material testing since this is the only way for us to rest assured that we deliver products of the highest possible quality and purity to our customers
World-renowned doctors and scientists

DEFENSE is created in partnership with the University of Tel Aviv and AARDS. Prof. Daniel Segal, Prof. Ehud Gazit, Prof. Eran Bacharach, Prof. Yankel Gabet,  and Dr. Gaylis are top-notch experts in virology, biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology, bone biology, genetics, endocrinology, osteoimmunology, and rheumatology.
GRAS-Approved supplements

Generally Recognized as Safe . A GRAS ingredient is an ingredient that has undergone safety evaluations by experts and has been proven not to cause harm when used as intended. All of the ingredients used in our supplements are completely safe, non-toxic and can be used for a long period of time.

All our formulas are patented.


Our philosophy is to create solutions to naturally help to protect and fight medical and environmental illnesses that have an unmet need or are only treatable with pharmaceutical drugs that have far greater potential for adverse events.

What People Are Saying

Recently, I had an acute resistant case of COVID. I have to say that thanks to a friend who gave me a product NviroMune Defense to take, my symptoms of COVID cleared within 48 hrs. While I simply could have recovered from the virus, I do believe DEFENSE helped that happen quickly, Furthermore, my wife who was with me started taking Defense right away and did not get any symptoms or test positive for COVID. This supplement was safe and we experienced no side effects.

LB, New Jersey, NJ

I am writing to advise you that I have been using your “Defense” product after contracting and testing positive for Covid. I started using it after two days of symptoms and a positive test. I was on vacation with my partner at a relative’s home. He also started doses and although we were in the same room, he did not contract Covid nor did the relatives. This is the second time I have contracted Covid. The symptoms were much milder and did not last nearly as long this time. I attribute that to your product. Sincerely,

RH, Palm Springs, CA

After being safe for about 2 ½ years I became infected with the COVID-19 virus. I am a single mom and sole caregiver of a handicap and severely immune compromised child who has tested negative, so this was terrifying for me since I couldn’t quarantine. I was very fortunate to obtain a bottle of NViroMune Defense the day I tested positive for COVID. Per Dr. Gaylis’s instructions I started taking three capsules of NViroMune Defense twice per day and two capsules twice per day were given to my daughter. My symptoms remained mild, and I was able to get over the virus very quickly and my energy was restored within a week. I truly believe without Defense the virus would have progressed and I would not have been able to return to my normal activities so quickly. Amazingly my daughter remained negative and continues to take NViroMune Defense routinely.

OD, Aventura, FL

With the recent surge of Covid in my practice, I have been overwhelmed by many patients experiencing significant respiratory and other symptoms associated with COVID. Fortunately, I was introduced to a nutraceutical product, NViroMune Defense, by one of my colleagues. This is a completely natural product and despite my initial skepticism, I have been amazed at how it has seemed to decrease the course of symptoms that my COVID patients have experienced. It also has seemingly provided protection to the family members and partners of these patients who have used DEFENSE as a protective measure against the possibility of becoming infected with the virus. I also have had a personal positive experience using the product in my family and hope this unique formulation is used by many more people in our COVID environment for the protection against the virus.

Dr AK M.D, Miami, FL