About us

An experienced team working toward your well-being


The co-founders of NViroMune, Dr. Norman Gaylis and Yossi Mograbi, with their combined 80 years of experience in the healthcare field, collaborated with top researchers and scientists to develop these new products that all subscribe to the philosophy; natural, safe and complimentary.

All of the ingredients used in our supplements are completely safe (GRAS-approved), non-toxic and can be used for a long period of time. We collaborate with Universities around the world to develop formulas that are appropriate for our goals. We've succeeded in creating supplements that are valuable, complementary, affordable and readily available to people in the USA and around the world.

Our first product NViroMune DEFENSE was created with the hope that it can reduce the incidence and symptomatology of RNA viruses, such as those caused by influenza, pneumonia viruses, the various strains of BETA-CORONAVIRUSES. Our newest formula RESTORE was created to help the symptoms of Covid long-haulers. Future formulations are being designed to help people suffering from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create natural solutions to help protect and fight medical and environmental illnesses that have unmet needs, including those only treatable with pharmaceuticals that can potentially have far greater adverse side effects.


Dr. Norman Gaylis

Dr. Gaylis is a board-certified Rheumatologist and Internist and has been elected by his peers to the prestigious title of Master of Rheumatology. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has been in clinical practice and research for the past 40 years and has had over 50 publications. He has lectured, taught, and presented at medical schools and conferences in many parts of the world. More recently, he has developed a special interest in the research and helping Covid Long Hauler patients.

Yossi Mograbi

Yossi Mograbi has vast experience as a serial entrepreneur who has initiated five projects with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has recently started collaborating on three projects with the University of Tel-Aviv regarding COVID-19 and respiratory applications. Yossi was a captain in the Israeli Navy serving in the computer center of the navy. He currently works for NurExone Biologic Ltd. as strategic manager for R&D projects. He is an expert in the field of dietary supplements and has advised multiple companies including Teva regarding the development of therapies for severe diseases with unique dietary supplements.


FinRod Solutions, LLC has worked closely with the NViroMune leadership team on this project to help formulate and bring to market some outstanding dietary supplements. The FinRod team has over 60 years of combined experience in research and development; scientific formulation; regulatory compliance; branding and marketing; sales and distribution; finance, accounting, and operations; and they work closely with ingredient suppliers and finished goods manufacturers to develop quality products.

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