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The Ultimate Post-pandemic Supplement.

Prevent A Virus, Flu, And Cold BEFORE It Even Starts

10 Active Ingredients 1 Perfect Formula

By combining the support of 9 nutraceuticals with the power of Zinc, DEFENSE works to combat viruses such as Betacoronaviruses, influenza and the common cold. DEFENSE is a patented formula superior to the simple use of Zinc.
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Zinc from zinc picolinate

Zinc is a nutrient that people need to help stay healthy. It is found in cells throughout your body and helps strengthen your immune system.

Green Tea Extract Camellia sinensis

Green Tea Extract Camellia sinensis Green tea extract is an excellent source of antioxidants. Catechins, which are found in green tea extract, is a natural antioxidant which helps protect against cell damage. Green tea contains polyphenols, which can help reduce inflammation.

Taxifolin Dihydroquercetin

Taxifolin is a natural flavonoid with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is closely related to quercetin, but with different properties.

Vitamin A from beta carotene

Vitamin A has many important processes in maintaining your body's health. It plays a vital role in maintaining your body's natural defenses.

Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol

Vitamin D3 is important to your body's overall health. It is naturally found in animals and is produced by your skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for bone health and may help with building stronger muscles.

Barberry Root Berberine HCL

Barberry Root Berberine HCL Berberine is a bioactive compound extracted from one of several plants and has several health benefits, including lowering blood sugar and improving heart health.

Selenium from methyl selenocysteine

Selenium is an essential mineral that can act as a powerful antioxidant, reduce inflammation, and boost your body's natural immune system.

Grapefruit Naringenin

Naringenin is a flavonoid found in some fruits, such as citrus and is known to display powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Some studies show that it can have an anti-viral effect.

Copper from copper bisglycinate, copper sulfate

Copper is an essential mineral for heart health, immune health, and bone strength. Copper can also reduce inflammation in the body and help fight infections.

Quercetin Sophora japonica (leaf) / Sunflower phospholipid complex

Quercetin is one of the most abundant antioxidants and can help fight free radicals in your body. It can help lower blood pressure, reduce allergy symptoms and reduce inflammation in the body. Quercetin is a flavonoid naturally found in some fruits, vegetables, grains and teas.


There is no other formula like this on the market. We taken the power of Zinc and combined it with 9 nutraceuticals for a powerful natural response.

DEFENSE Does not just boost your immune system, it actually stops viral entry into the lungs and replication. So it ultimately helps Stop the virus, before it even starts.

Recommended by doctors
3CL protease inhibitors*
Plant-based and vegan
Scientifically studied
Traceable ingredients
Manufactured in the USA with globally sourced ingredients in a cGMP FDA facility

The Perfect Formula To Stay Healthy
So You can Enjoy Life's Moments


"I travel for business and don't want to bring a virus home to my family."
"I travel for business and don't want to bring a virus home to my family."
"I am now ready to go to large gathering again but I want to prevent a virus as much as possible."
"I am now ready to go to large gathering again but I want to prevent a virus as much as possible."
"The Holidays are here and I don't want to miss a single day because of a cold or virus."
"The Holidays are here and I don't want to miss a single day because of a cold or virus."
"I am proactive about my health in general and want the best supplement to protect me from a cold or virus."
"I am proactive about my health in general and want the best supplement to protect me from a cold or virus."


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A proprietary, patent-pending, research combination of key ingredients designed to support your body's immune function and well-being in any environment. NViroMune DEFENSE is an innovative and unique combination of critical nutraceuticals and plant bio-extracts for the ultimate immune support in an uncertain world. We are using high purity high-quality materials with high bioavailability.
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The Team Behind DEFENSE Respiratory Support Formula

Discover what our researchers have to say about DEFENSE by clicking the play button.

Prof. Daniel Segal
Professor Daniel Segal received his Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as his PH.D. in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then received his Post Doctorate degree in Molecular Genetics from Harvard University.

Professor Segal’s professional career began in 1984 at the Weizmann Institute as a Scientist.
Prof. Ehud Gazit
Professor Ehud Gazit is an Israeli biochemist, biophysicist and nanotechnologist. He is Professor and Endowed Chair at Tel Aviv University and a Member of the Executive Board of the University since 2017.

Gazit received his Bachelor of Science with summa cum laude at Tel Aviv University, and his Ph.D.
Prof. Eran Bacharach
Professor Eran Bacharach received his Bachelor of Science with distinction in Biology, Master of Science with distinction in Microbiology, and Ph. D in Microbiology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Professor Bacharach has an interest in Molecular Virology with an emphasis on RNA viruses.

What People Are Saying

Recently, I had an acute resistant case of COVID. I have to say that thanks to a friend who gave me a product NviroMune Defense to take, my symptoms of COVID cleared within 48 hrs. While I simply could have recovered from the virus, I do believe DEFENSE helped that happen quickly, Furthermore, my wife who was with me started taking Defense right away and did not get any symptoms or test positive for COVID. This supplement was safe and we experienced no side effects.

LB, New Jersey, NJ

I am writing to advise you that I have been using your “Defense” product after contracting and testing positive for Covid. I started using it after two days of symptoms and a positive test. I was on vacation with my partner at a relative’s home. He also started doses and although we were in the same room, he did not contract Covid nor did the relatives. This is the second time I have contracted Covid. The symptoms were much milder and did not last nearly as long this time. I attribute that to your product. Sincerely,

RH, Palm Springs, CA

After being safe for about 2 ½ years I became infected with the COVID-19 virus. I am a single mom and sole caregiver of a handicap and severely immune compromised child who has tested negative, so this was terrifying for me since I couldn’t quarantine. I was very fortunate to obtain a bottle of NViroMune Defense the day I tested positive for COVID. Per Dr. Gaylis’s instructions I started taking three capsules of NViroMune Defense twice per day and two capsules twice per day were given to my daughter. My symptoms remained mild, and I was able to get over the virus very quickly and my energy was restored within a week. I truly believe without Defense the virus would have progressed and I would not have been able to return to my normal activities so quickly. Amazingly my daughter remained negative and continues to take NViroMune Defense routinely.

OD, Aventura, FL

With the recent surge of Covid in my practice, I have been overwhelmed by many patients experiencing significant respiratory and other symptoms associated with COVID. Fortunately, I was introduced to a nutraceutical product, NViroMune Defense, by one of my colleagues. This is a completely natural product and despite my initial skepticism, I have been amazed at how it has seemed to decrease the course of symptoms that my COVID patients have experienced. It also has seemingly provided protection to the family members and partners of these patients who have used DEFENSE as a protective measure against the possibility of becoming infected with the virus. I also have had a personal positive experience using the product in my family and hope this unique formulation is used by many more people in our COVID environment for the protection against the virus.

Dr AK M.D, Miami, FL