Professor Daniel Segal

Professor Daniel Segal received his Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as his PH.D. in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then received his Post Doctorate degree in Molecular Genetics from Harvard University. 

Professor Segal’s professional career began in 1984 at the Weizmann Institute as a Scientist. Since then, he has taken on several roles leading up to Professor and Chair for Anti-Microbial Drug Research at Tel-Aviv University, Visiting Professor at Indiana University and National Institutes of Health (NICHD), and Head of several schools within Tel-Aviv University including Laura Schwarz-Kipp Institute for Biotechnology, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, and Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research. Professor Segal is also the Found and Head of Graduate School, Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel-Aviv University.

Professor Segal’s Selected Publications in the last 5 years include:

  • Frenkel-Pinter, M., Tal, S., Scherzer-Attali, R., Abu-Hussien, M., Alyagor, I., Eisenbaum, T., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2017). Cl-NQTrp alleviates tauopathy symptoms in a model organism through the inhibition of tau aggregation-engendered toxicity. Neurodegenerative Diseases 17:73-82.
  • Peled, S., Sade, D., Bram, Y., Porat, Z., Kreiser, T., Mimouni, M., Lichtenstein, A., Segal, D. and Gazit, E. (2017). Single cell imaging and quantification of amyloid intercellular propagation. Scientific Reports 7:544. 
  • Brahmachari, S., Paul, A., Segal, D. and Gazit, E. (2017). Inhibition of amyloid oligomerization into different supramolecular architectures by small molecules: mechanistic insights and design rules. Future Med. Chem. 9:797-810.
  • Frenkel-Pinter, M., Stempler, S., Tal, S., Solovey, Y., Singh-Anand, A., Escobar-Alvarez, D., Lezmy, J., Gazit, E, Ruppin, E., and Segal, D. (2017). Altered protein glycosylation implicated in Alzheimer's disease etiology. Neurobiol Aging 56:159-171.
  • Chemerovski-Glikman, M., Frenkel-Pinter, M., Mdah, R., Abu-Mokh, A., Gazit, E. and Segal, D. (2017). Inhibition of the aggregation and toxicity of tau minimal amyloidogenic fragment by its Pro-substituted analogs. Chem Eur J. 23:9618-9624.
  • Frenkel-Pinter, M., Shmueli, M.D., Raz, C., Yanku, M., Zilbezweig, S., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2017). Interplay between protein glycosylation pathways in Alzheimer's disease. Science Advances 3: e1601576. (recommended in F1000)
  • KrishnaKumar, V.G., Paul, A. Gazit, E. and Segal, D. (2018). Mechanistic insights into remodeled Tau-derived PHF6 peptide fibrils by Naphthoquinone-Tryptophan hybrids. Scientific Reports 8(1):71.
  • Haj, E., Losev, Y., KrishnaKumar, V.G., Pichinuk, E., Engel, H., Raveh, A., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2018). Integrating in vitro and in silico approaches to evaluate the “dual functionality” of palmatine chloride in inhibiting and disassembling Tau-derived PHF6 peptide fibrils. Biochim Biophys Acta General Subjects 1862: 1565-1575.
  • Chemerovski-Glikman, M., Mimouni, M., Dagan, Y., Haj, E., Vainer, I., Allon, R., Adler-Abramovich, L., Blumenthal, E.Z., Segal, D., Gazit, E., and Zayit-Soudry, S. (2018). Rosmarinic Acid Restores Complete Transparency of Human Cataract ex vivo and Delays Cataract Formation in vivo. Scientific Reports 8(1):9341.
  • Frenkel-Pinter, M., Richman, M., Belostozky, A., Abu Mokh, A., Gazit, E., Rahimipour, S. and Segal, D. (2018). Distinct Effects of O-GlcNAcylation and Phosphorylation of a Tau-Derived Amyloid Peptide on Aggregation of the Native Peptide. Chem Eur J. 24:1-6.
  • Shmueli, M.D., Levy-Kanfo, L., Haj, E., Schoenfeld, A.R., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2019). Arginine refolds, stabilizes and restores function of mutant pVHL proteins in animal model of the VHL cancer syndrome. Oncogene 38(7):1038-1049.
  • Losev, Y., Paul, A., Frenkel-Pinter, M., Abu-Hussien, M., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2019). A novel model of secreted human tau protein reveals the impact of the abnormal N-glycosylation of tau on its aggregation propensity. Sci. Rep. 19;9(1):2254.
  • Paul, A., Zhang, B-D., Mohapatra, S., Li, Y-M., Gazit, E., and Segal, D. (2019). Novel Mannitol-based small molecules for inhibiting aggregation of α-Synuclein amyloids in Parkinson’s disease. Front. Mol. Biosci., 6:16. 22 March 2019
  • Paul, A., KrishnaKumar, V.G., Mohapatra, S., Balboni, G., Pacifico, S., Gazit, E. and Segal, D. (2019). Antagonistic activity of Naphthoquinone-based hybrid molecules towards amyloids associated with Alzheimer’s disease and Type-2 diabetes. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 10(8):3510-3520.