Professor Eran Bacharach

Professor Eran Bacharach received his Bachelor of Science with distinction in Biology, Master of Science with distinction in Microbiology, and Ph. D in Microbiology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Professor Bacharach has an interest in Molecular Virology with an emphasis on RNA viruses. He has done studies on many different areas including Murine Leukemia Virus (MLV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV) among several different RNA studies. Professor Bacharach has also discovered an emerging novel RNA virus named TiLV as well as currently developing an oncolytic RNA virus that is efficient in the destruction of a subset of cancer cells. 

Professor Bacharach has received several awards over the years including The Rosansky Award at The Herbert Irving Cancer Center from Columbia University, The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Lecturer 6 times since 2007, The Sarov Prize in Microbiology at the Israel Society for Microbiology, and has one of the three top impactful research projects in the social and environmental domains, funded over 40 years by BARD, The US-Israel Binational Agricultural

Research and Development (BARD) Fund. 

  1. Publications (from the last ten years; * stands for a co-corresponding author):
  • Inferring protein function in an emerging virus: detection of the nucleoprotein in Tilapia Lake Virus. Abu Rass R, Kustin t, Zamostiano R, Smorodinsky N, Ben Meir D, Feder D, Mishra N, Lipkin WI, Eldar A, Ehrlich M, Stern A, Bacharach E. Journal of Virology. 2022 Accepted.
  • Modeling SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Mice Using Lentiviral hACE2 Vectors Infers Two Modes of Immune Responses to SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Katzman C, Israely T, Melamed S, Politi B, Sittner A, Yahalom-Ronen Y, Weiss S, Abu Rass R, Zamostiano R, Bacharach E, Ehrlich M, Paran N, Nissim L. Viruses. 2021 Dec 21;14(1):11.
  • Constitutive low expression of antiviral effectors sensitizes melanoma cells to a novel oncolytic virus. Dellac S, Ben-Dov H, Raanan A, Saleem H, Zamostiano R, Semyatich R, Lavi S, Witz IP, Bacharach E, Ehrlich M. Int J Cancer. 2021 May 1;148(9):2321-2334. 
  • Oncolytic Virotherapy: The Cancer Cell Side. Ehrlich M, Bacharach E. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Feb 24;13(5):939. 
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  • Human Metapneumovirus Escapes NK Cell Recognition through the Downregulation of Stress-Induced Ligands for NKG2D. Diab M, Schmiedel D, Seidel E, Bacharach E, Mandelboim O. Viruses. 2020 Jul 20;12(7):781. 
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