The Team Behind RESTORE
Immune restoration formula

The researchers
behind the RESTORE formula

Prof. yankel gabet

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Associate Professor, PI, Bone Research Laboratory at Tel Aviv University.
Head of Research in the field of bone biology, genetics, endocrinology and osteoimmunology.
Special emphasis on the skeletal endocannabinoid system.
Expertise in MicroCT imaging (image processing and morphometry) and biomechanical testing.

RESTORE is created in partnership with the University of Tel Aviv. RESTORE has undergone a thorough study to bring you a product worth mentioning. View our short video interview with each scientist to learn more about how RESTORE works.

dr.norman gaylis
aards covid long-hauler clinic

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Dr. Gaylis is a board-certified Rheumatologist and Internist and has been selected by his peers to the prestigious title of Master of Rheumatology. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has been in clinical practice and research for the past 40 years and has had over 50 publications. He has lectured, taught, and presented at medical schools and conferences in many parts of the world. More recently, he has developed a special interest in the research and helping COVID Long-Hauler patients.

In some patients the effects of COVID-19 linger after the infection is no longer active. These patients who suffer from lingering symptoms of the virus are called long-haulers. They have in theory recovered from the worst impacts of COVID-19 and some may have tested negative for the antibodies; however, they are symptomatic. They may have lingering symptoms or have developed new complaints which range from mild to debilitating

What People Are Saying

"2 years of symptoms, pain and dysfunction, are resolving. Most of my pain is gone, energy level greatly improved and fog reduced"

Dava M.